Thursday, 28 November 2013

We are The Future Mr and Mrs

Every time i think about my future, I get this urge inside of me to get married already and settle down with you. But yeah, we’re still young for such things and that we’re not yet ready once we enter that stage of life. Still, those scenarios I make in my mind makes me excited even more. Hahaha.. oh, i can't help myself! XD

Five to six years from now, you’ll be saying the pronouncement of marriage.  And after that, you’re finally mine and I’m yours. We’re husband and wife already! Then we’ll live on the same house and fill that house with laughter and happy memories. We’ll build our own family and  we’ll watch over our kids as they grow up and teach them the right way of life and how it goes. We’ll make them a Soleh and Solehah, insyaAllah. I hope that we’ll never fail to teach them the real meaning of kindness.

Can’t you feel it? I mean the excitement! I really wanna get married right now, at this moment, with you, Ibut i know that i have to tell myself that it isn’t the right time. We still have a lot of dreams to catch first before we can settled down. I guess right now, let’s just pretend that we’re husband and wife. 

HAHAHAHA!! Sorry if i am really make you annoy right now.. Well, you know how exactly i am! :D

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